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The Hosts

Ian Clark was born in 1973 and grew up in central Maine. An only child, he began reading comic books at age 4 with the Star Wars adaptation, Spider-Man and Batman and he hasn’t stopped collecting since. His love for reading carried over into classic science fiction and the works of Stephen King. Ian’s passion for movies also began at a young age, sparked by Star Wars and fed by geek classics such as Logan’s Run, Blade Runner and The Road Warrior. Ian’s interest in board and miniatures gaming began in the mid 90s when he first played Necromunda and Talisman. He is also classically trained in video games, having owned Atari 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis, Playstation, Sega Dreamcast and Xbox consoles.

Ian has a Bachelor of Science degree in English/Journalism from Tennessee Technological University (class of 1997) and was a National Medal of Merit winner for journalism in college. He currently works as a writer with New Hampshire’s largest newspaper. Ian is primarily a sports reporter (where he has covered three Super Bowls, the Stanley Cup Finals and numerous other national events), but also writes a weekly pop culture column and occassional arts and entertainment pieces. He has written two fantasy novels, entitled Prophecy of Shadows and Plains of the past. Ian is also a goalie in men’s recreational league ice hockey.

Ian has been married since 1997. He and his wife Amy live in central New Hampshire with their two sons.


Dave started geeking with Dungeon (later called Zork) in the early eighties on his Dad’s computer. He played a little AD&D but never had friends very into it and he gobbled up sci-fi books, but that was about the extent of it. It was one fateful day in 1998 when Joel Carlson brought a 40k starter box home that it really began. Dave had never seen a miniature game and painted a Space Marine captain on the coffee table (no primer!) that day.

He played a little, loved the concept but he was busy and wrapping up school. When he graduated in 1999 and he moved home, Joel recommended he stop by DakkaDakka. Well, there are stories to be told, but several thousand dollars later, every mini game, board game, video game, and more tried, perused, and enjoyed, Dave is a proud nerd. Happy to share his point of view on this lifestyle with others.

Dave works as a business development specialist for a large technology vendor. His loving and beautiful wife, Shannon, wishes he wouldn’t spend so much on geeky stuff. His 5 year old daughter pulls him out of comic stores (You’re taking forever!!!!) and his nine month old son is ready to learn the ways.






Matt’s love of all things geeky began when his dad rented a VHS copy Star Wars one rainy weekend and Matt proceeded to watch the movie no less than five times, he was hooked. Several years later he received the board game HeroQuest and inside was a small brochure for Games Workshop. He soon ordered a Blood Angels Captain, a 3 pack of Space Marine Veterans, and a few pots of paint which had to be shipped over from the UK. Upon receipt several weeks later, his love of collecting and painting GW minis was born. He ravenously read every 40K and Fantasy book he could get his hands on and began playing “non-standard” board games, D&D, and games such as Battletech. Since then he has come to appreciate many different miniature, board, and video games and will try any of them at least once. Along with his love of gaming Matt enjoys movies (from the cheesy to the classics), music, boxing (he was once a registered fighter in New England!), and being outdoors.
Matt thinks everyone has a little nerd in them whether it be related to games, sports, cars, or any other number of subjects. He considers himself a gaming, movie, music, and comic nerd and looks forward to one day having a chance to rebuild a classic car in his garage. Matt currently lives in southern New Hampshire and works in the Financial Industry. He has a BA in Business from UNH, a Global MBA from SNHU, and is currently working on his MS in Organizational Leadership while considering a Law Degree or something to do with IT. Clearly he enjoys torturing himself.