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Each episode contains the follwoing segments:

Roll Call: In this segment we hear what Ian, Dave, and Matt have been up to since the past episode!

On the Radar: What are the guys looking forward to? What’s got them all excited? Find out here!

ThunderDome: The main segment of the podcast, each ThunderDome contains a deep discussion on a topic.

Wrap Up: Any final announcements, thoughts, and the Contest belongs here.

Each episode contains one or two of the follwoing additional segments:

Utility Belt: When Dave finds a cool new piece of tech he loves, he’ll introduce you to it.

The Vault: Ian is called the Necrogamer for a reason. He loves random stuff from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Join him as he tells us about something he used to love as a kid

Defend Yourself: Sometimes, people like crappy stuff. Like Avatar. They have to defend themselves against the other two hosts, or get beaten up.

Dig It: When the guys hear about something brand new that they think is awesome, they’ll tell you about it!

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