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The NerdHerders podcast is recorded every other Monday through Skype. Episode content is planned out at least a week in advance, as there is usually a list of favorite items pertaining to the topic of each Thunderdome segment.

After recording, files are sent to Justin (Stino, pictured here at Templecon 2012). Levels are equalized, content is edited, and segments are split apart. The Episode is then compiled using various bumpers, segment lead-ins, and the ever changing introduction.

All editing work is done using Adobe Audition



Justin “Stino” Alix grew up in southern NH surrounded by Star Wars and video games. His curiosity into the table top miniatures world was piqued one day in his youth when curiosity got the best of him. With Matt out of the house, Justin snuck into his older brothers room to read a magazine sized codex detailing the power armored “Space Marines” of the 40k universe. Enthralled with the tales of gory battles and images of mechanized Gods, Stino was hooked. As fate would have it, Matt invited Justin to “game night” a week later, and the rest is history.

Justin quickly became interested in the computer world as well, building gaming rigs and spending far too much time in front of them. Living in Southern NH with his gf, Justin currently attends university and is pursuing a degree in CIS. His knack for creativity and  computer skills made him the perfect fit as editor and producer of the Nerdherders podcast.
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