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Are you prepared? Ross Watson suggests…you should be!

Hey listeners, as promised in our upcoming Episode 16, here is a link to the “Never Unprepared: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Session Prep” by Phil Vecchione.  You can get it a few places, but we’ve linked to Drive Thru RPG. Never Unprepared!

Episode 15 The Nerdherders Strike Back

STAR WARS! What else do you need to know? Well, okay…we talk about our favorite comics, games, novels, and shows inspire by our favorite move universe. It’s simple and it’s good! Get The Episode Here

Episode 14 There Can Only Be (Gen)Con

The boys are back from GenCon and they want to gush about it.  What new games did they try? What games did they buy? What secrets lurk in a sleepy Vermont Town? Find out in this extended episode from your favorite geeks. Find the Episode here

Reaper Miniatures Factory Tour

Good afternoon all. There have been well over a thousand downloads of our exclusive interview with Bryan Stiltz. We at the Nerdherders Podcast are very happy to see that so many of you not only supported the Reaper Miniatures  kickstarter and made it possible, but also that you were interested in what Bryan had to say, and that you are all as excited as we are…and of course we love getting our podcast out there to many more listeners. Once again we owe a big thank you to Bryan for being on the show, and we hope to keep up to date with him as Reaper’s venture moves forth. And, just like you guys, we are on the edge of our seats waiting for the minis to arrive! Ian himself is quite literally counting the days.   For the time being check out this 2 part video series, a tour of the Reaper factory that shows how their minis are made. Bryan himself takes you through the process and gives you an inside look at the whole shebang.   Links are provided below (they will take you directly to the youtube page), and credit is due to the OU.   You will have to view this blog post itself to access the links. Tour Part 1 Tour Part 2  

Exclusive Reaper Miniatures Kickstarter Interview

Bryan Stiltz from Reaper Miniatures joins the Nerdherders podcast for an exclusive follow-up interview to Reaper’s amazing Bones Kickstarter project. What was the process like for Reaper? What stretch goals were discussed and pulled back? Is there another Reaper Kickstarter in the works? Find out all these answers and more!  Click here to download the episode (or right click and save as)

Check Out The Gencon Gallery!

The Nerdherders had tons of fun at Gencon 2012. Be sure to listen to Episode 14 when released for the full coverage of the event. Learn what the guys saw and experienced, and their overall thoughts on the con. For now, visit the gallery to tide you over by clicking below (like you need to see more pictures of these mugs, huh?).

Episode 13 Now Available!

In this installment, the boys take a look at some television shows they wish had survived longer. There’s GenCon talk as the nerds get amped up for the big convention and in The Vault they tackle Choose Your Own Adventure books.  

The Mirror Reveals More Than Beauty in “STAR BRIGHT” – New storybook from Jonathan Luna in November

  STAR BRIGHT AND THE LOOKING GLASS is Jonathan Luna‘s first solo creator-owned work after wrapping up THE SWORD (with brother Joshua Luna). In STAR BRIGHT, to be published in November by Image Comics, Luna departs from his superhero and science fiction comics, and works in the dreamy, fantasy-tinged aesthetic of his fine artwork to create a tale of beauty, vanity, and friendship., “After the conclusion of The Sword, I took a two-year sabbatical, but I was always creating,” said Luna of his break from comics. “I played with photography and film, and I learned how to paint with oil, acrylic, and watercolor. I finally decided I wanted to do a fairy-tale picture book.” The end result was STAR BRIGHT AND THE LOOKING GLASS, which tells the story of a wild young woman who discovers her own beauty when she finds a mirror in her forest home. The awakening of Star Bright’s consciousness of her own loveliness also opens her heart to vanity. But when a wicked sorceress steals Star Bright’s beauty Star Bright will learn from her woodland animal friends what the true virtues in life are. “Everything I’m doing with Star Bright and the Looking Glass is so different from what I’m used to. It’s my first time writing alone, and prose for that matter,” said Luna.  “I can’t really pinpoint what led me to do a fairy-tale picture book. There’s definitely been a certain kind of imagery in my head that I’ve been dying to put on paper. I’ve been into pop surrealism…

Episode 12 Now Available!

This time out the boys wax nostalgic with tales of Nintendo. Just how much does Dave love Excitebike? Did Matt beat Mike Tyson? Why won’t Ian eat Cookie Crisp? Find the answers to all these and more, plus the usual antics of what the nerds have been up to.