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Episode 8 is live!

In Episode 8 we take you “Beyond Monopoly” and into the wider world of board games. Matt, Ian and Dave give you tips on what games to start with, the next step after intro games, two-player favorites and even a couple kids games. In Roll Call we talk about Dave’s continued “discovery” of comic books and even talk a little sports (sorta) about bubble hockey. Just click on the episode link and check it out or download direct on iTunes!

Epic Army Profile

Matt: Hey everyone, I figured I would do a profile for my Epic Army that I took to Adepticon! I’ve taken shots of all the different formations in the army with a close up shot as well. I’ve only taken one shot of the formations I have multiples of such as the Infantry Companies and the Artillery Battery, since all that’s really different is the camo patters. I’ll put up  a full army shot when I can get them on the table with some terrain! Supreme Commander….the boss with his standards and Commissar. He accompanies an infantry platoon. The command stands for the 2 other infantry platoons, each is accompanied by…. One Commissar stand each. The army has 3 of these infantry platoons in it. Each consists of 20 stands of infantry and 2 Gorgon Siege transports which hold 10 stands each. Here is a closeup of one of the Gorgons, they are all equipped with mortars to lay down some cover fire when necessary! This is the Anti-Aircraft battery consisting of two Hydra Flak Platforms, 1 Heavy AA Platform, and 3 Trojan Transports. Closeup of the Trojan Transports, one of the Hydra Platforms, and the Heavy AA platform. The army has two of the Basilisk Artillery batteries, they also are accompanied by 3 Trojan transports each. Close up of one of the Basilisk platforms. Two squadrons of Thunderbolt Fighters: Red Squadron and Blue Squadron. Obligatory close up shot. The army is accompanied by two Warhound Titans from Legio War…

Draw on a messenger bag project!

I’m reaching out to any artists out there who are interested in helping make some boring messenger bags cool! I’d like the bag to have on it, but other than that, you can do whatever you want. My goal is to give them away at Gencon. If you are an artist doing a show, you can keep the bags to sell (I’d guess you could get twenty to fifty dollars depending on the quality of the sketch). I have about 100 of them, and I’m writing to some great artists setting up at Gencon so once there gone there gone! (five are in so far! Woohoo!). Let me know if you would like to be a part of it.  David (at)

Skyrim DLC

For those of you who enjoyed Skyrim, looks like some good DLC is on the way!

Episode 7 is live!

This time out we talk about our favorite toys from the past! In the Vault we look at the clix game Crimson Skies. Be sure to check out the extended outtake at the end for Dave’s adventures in trying to find a place to record the show!

Episode 7 Teaser

What does this have to do with Episode 7? Tune in Monday to find out!

My failure and the Fantasy Flight Games event center!

So, here I sit in Eden Prairie Minnesota…24 minutes from Fantasy Flight Games amazing game center, but I won’t make it. I’m out here for work, but figured I’d find a few minutes to get away and check out the Event Center, but just didn’t happen.  I have to say it is a great place though.  People have been awesome, weather is beautiful, clean and green spaces, great food…I’m not sure what else you could ask for. Oh yeah…tons of gamers!  So, I called over to FFG to see if I should talk my boss into driving over.  I figured there might be a few people there, its an off night, but the guy picks up and says “Oh, well…there are probably 50 people here playing games, hanging out, come on by”.  OMG!  Fifty people!  I’m excited when 15 show up to our game night, thats a good crowd.  My boss wanted to walk around though and although he graciously offered to let me go on over, I didn’t want to leave him at the hotel. Anyway…just thought I’d share with you all.  Here is a pic to show you how close I came!

Night of the Owls

DC Comics has started its first Batman thriller that is spanning many of the “New 52″ comics. Batman has been dealing with The Court of Owls over its first few episodes.  In Batman #8 the story really kicks into high gear.  the Talons, mysterious assassins, are out hunting in Gothm City and Bruce Wayne is one of their targets. Near the end of Batman #8 you see a host of Batman’s allies getting a call from Alfred… “To all the allies of the Bat presently in Gotham…I send this with the greatest of urgency,  tonight, The Court of Owls has sent their assassins to kill nearly forty people across the city.  The Court’s targets are all Gotham leaders.  People who shape this city.  I have uploaded a list of the target’s names, here.  The Court’s assassins, the “Talons,” are already en route to their targets.  They are highly trained killers…with extraordinary regenerative abilities.  For many of their targets, I fear it may be too late to…” I’m really excited to read them all and I’ll get a lot of good action out of the Batman series, however…I highly recommend you take a look at Nightwing.  I won’t put a spoiler in there, although they hinted at it in an earlier issue of Batman, but I’ll say the last two pages will pull you through the comic like gravity. So, for more on this great run, check out the crossover story lines in… Catwoman #9 Batwing #9 Detective Comics #9 Red…

Avengers was amazing!

Ian: Matt, Justin (aka Stino) and I saw a midnight showing of Avengers last night. It was amazing. We are going back to see it again Sunday. It was a great story, tons of great one-liners (Joss Whedon is the man) and the action scenes are epic.