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Episode 22: Best of 2012 Funapaloozathon

The best in geekery from the past 12 months! What games, comics and entertainment will win the love of the nerdherders? Plus, a peek into the future! Download The Episode Here!

Nerdherders Exclusive: Larry Elmore Kickstarter Interview

  We are so excited to share this amazing conversation with you.  Larry Elmore is famous for his art on Dungeons & Dragons books, the Dragonlance series, or you may know him from his cover art on Everquest. What you might not know is just how entertaining he is to talk to.  It was so fun to do and we hope you find it just as fun to listen to. Please check out our other episodes, review us on iTunes, and help us bring you more great interviews. Look for a BONUS Larry Elmore hilarious story in Episode 21 of the Nerdherders Podcast (release: 12/17/2012)   Get the interview here!

Episode 21: Kings of Cartoons

This time out the guys break down their favorite cartoons from yesteryear. Why does Dave love ducks so much? How did Ian watch cartoons way up in Maine? Was Matt ever NOT in front of the TV during his youth? Find out in another fun-filled episode from your favorite nerds. Dont forget to listen to the Bonus clip this week, featuring Larry Elmore! And stay even longer for Stino’s cartoon picks.   Get the episode here!

Episode 20.2: Like Tears In the Rain

Ever wonder about the top 10 movie moments of all time?  We can help.  As usual, we take our meandering approach, have a few laughs, and may get side tracked from time to time. Its a shorter episode this time, why?  Well…we lost the first recording.  No joke! Get the Episode here!

Episode 19: Book Learnin’

    The gang breaks down their favorite book series, discusses Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm and interviews Teras Cassidy of Geek Nation Tours.  Get the Episode here!

Episode 18: XCOM – Nerdherders Unknown

  The boys took a brief break from playing XCOM to chat about their favorite PC strategy games and Matt and Dave interview Bryant Dillon about the comic Identity Thief. Get The Episode Here!  

Episode 17 – Oh, The Horror!

The boys get their scare on with a discussion of their favorite horror movies in Thunderdome. They also lament the Dredd movie bombing, talk some more comics, TV and games and dig into the awesome new board game Spartacus.   Get The Episode Here

Episode 16: Know your Role (Playing)

  his time out the guys are joined by roleplaying game designer and video game writer Ross Watson to discuss roleplaying games and how to be a good game master. The guys also talk about video game delivery system Steam, Warhammer 40k, and Dave gets a little confused about some of the show segments.   Get The Episode Here!

Are you prepared? Ross Watson suggests…you should be!

Hey listeners, as promised in our upcoming Episode 16, here is a link to the “Never Unprepared: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Session Prep” by Phil Vecchione.  You can get it a few places, but we’ve linked to Drive Thru RPG. Never Unprepared!

Episode 15 The Nerdherders Strike Back

STAR WARS! What else do you need to know? Well, okay…we talk about our favorite comics, games, novels, and shows inspire by our favorite move universe. It’s simple and it’s good! Get The Episode Here