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Episode 40: I Used To Be An Adventurer…

The Nerdherders list their favorite all-time video game roleplaying games! The guys also discuss Agents of SHIELD, the new Lords of Waterdeep expansion, Grand Theft Auto V and Ian goes through puberty!   You can find the episode on our Episode page.

Episode 39: Let’s Get This Party Started is Now Available!

The guys are joined by Teras Cassidy of Geek Nation Tours! They build the ultimate adventuring party using characters from books, movies, games and more. There is also the usual discussion ranging from Dungeons and Dragons to Ian’s trip to DragonCon to movies to Captain America turning into a werewolf. You can find the episode on our Episode page

Episode 38 is Now Available!

  It’s a GenCon 2013 extravaganza! Dave, Matt and Ian bring you all the sights and sounds from GenCon. Dave was a busy beaver all weekend, logging dozens of interviews to bring you all the coolest news in board, card, miniature and roleplaying games and even…coffee and fast food? The boys also recap Ian’s birthday bash, road-trippin’ to Indy, True Dungeon, Firefly and sasquatch. Find the Episode Here!

Episode 37 is Now Available!

Friend of the show and all-around good guy Greg Ivany steps up to fill in for a wandering Dave this time out. Greg brings his expertise in Malifaux into Thunderdome for a breakdown of the popular minis game. The guys also discuss The Wolverine, the Legendary card game, Dungeons and Dragons, bathing in butter and what happens when a were-rat tries an impromptu appendectomy on a dwarf.   Find The Episode Here!

Episode 35: Supermegarobotron XL 5000 Now Available!

Giant robots vs. giant aliens! The Nerdherders break down their favorites of each in anticipation of Pacific Rim! The guys also break down Man of Steel and accidentally discover dudes dressed like ponies. And, in the triumphant return of Comics Corner, the boys talk about Astro City No. 1. Get The Episode Here!

Episode 34: Six Degrees of Canadian Bacon is Now Available!

Best. Year. Ever. At least for movies…the Nerdherders break down their favorite years in film. Ian’s choice is no surprise, but Matt’s list might be. The boys also hit favorite topics like comic books, video games, board games and upcoming movies and Dave also learns all about Canada. Get The Episode Here!

Episode 33: Why So Villainous? Now Available!

Everyone loves a great bad guy! In this episode the Nerdherders take you through their top 10 comic book villains of all time. The guys also talk Star Trek Into Darkness, lament about LEGO, discuss the announcement of Xbox One and as usual, Dave comes up with something in Thunderdome that makes Matt and Ian scratch their heads. You Can Find The Episode Here!

Episode 32: Oh Oh, It’s Magic, You Know!

  It’s a Dave-hosted show, so that means chaos reigns! The boys teach an introductory course on Magic: The Gathering in Thunderdome and chat about the usual tomfoolery such as Iron Man 3, lots of comic books and what happens when a purple worm swallows a dwarf cleric whole.   You Can Find The Episode Here!

Episode 31: A Suburban Epic is Now Available!

By popular demand (or at least one listener) the nerds break down miniature wargame Epic Armageddon and the board game Suburbia. Also discussed: Matt’s adventures at Adepticon, Dave’s family road trip and how a paladin who turned into a frog ended up in a teenage boy’s pantaloons.   You Can Find the Episode Here!

Episode 30: Thank The (Re)Maker Is Now Available!

The boys are back to talk about movies they would like to see updated with a modern remake. The nerds also discuss board games Dungeon Command, Suburbia and Kemet, anticipation for Iron Man 3, Ian’s hopes for a Moon Knight movie, how to make a Green Lantern film that doesn’t suck and magicians as bank robbers. Get The Episode Here!