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Episode 46: The Nerdherders Present the Best of 2013

The Nerdherders say goodbye to 2013 by listing their favorite things from the past year and look ahead to 2014. The guys also discuss Almost Human, Tricked Out Hero, Only War and break down The Hobbit: The Disappointment of Smatt.   <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Find The Episode Here!</a>

Episode 45: Book ‘em, Nerdo

The Nerdherders list their “must-read” books in Thunderdome. Learn all about Dave’s love of Card, Matt’s love of Heinlein and Ian’s love of Dick. The boys also discuss the X-Wing minis game, rocking out with Rock Band, The Star Wars comic book and Almost Human. Don’t forget to listen after the credits for a bonus clip (which isn’t suitable for the younger crowd!) Find The Episode Here!

Episode 44: Nerdherders: The Next Generation

In this episode, the nerds give their thoughts on the next generation of video game consoles: the Xbox One and Playstation 4. They also discuss Thor: The Dark World, Level 7: Omega Protocol and a depressing game about total human destruction. And make sure you listen through to the end for information on a new contest! Find The Episode Here!

Episode 43: Readers of the Best Arc

In this episode, the Nerdherders lead you through their favorite comic book story arcs. The guys also talk about 24 hours of gaming at Extra Life, the Ender’s Game movie and really outdated trivia games.   Find The Episode Here!

Episode 42: Halloween Scene

This time out the Nerdherders run down the scenes from movies, books and games that scared them the most. They also discuss Level 7, the Ravenloft setting from Dungeons & Dragons and more Grand Theft Auto V.   Find The Episode Here!

Episode 41: Mr. Farr’s Opus

Dave has some questions for Ian and Matt to ponder regarding board games, comic books and alien contact. The guys dig deeper into Grand Theft Auto V, talk about their experience at Granite Con and argue the color of Matt’s soul. Find The Episode Here!

Episode 40: I Used To Be An Adventurer…

The Nerdherders list their favorite all-time video game roleplaying games! The guys also discuss Agents of SHIELD, the new Lords of Waterdeep expansion, Grand Theft Auto V and Ian goes through puberty!   You can find the episode on our Episode page.

Episode 39: Let’s Get This Party Started is Now Available!

The guys are joined by Teras Cassidy of Geek Nation Tours! They build the ultimate adventuring party using characters from books, movies, games and more. There is also the usual discussion ranging from Dungeons and Dragons to Ian’s trip to DragonCon to movies to Captain America turning into a werewolf. You can find the episode on our Episode page

Episode 38 is Now Available!

  It’s a GenCon 2013 extravaganza! Dave, Matt and Ian bring you all the sights and sounds from GenCon. Dave was a busy beaver all weekend, logging dozens of interviews to bring you all the coolest news in board, card, miniature and roleplaying games and even…coffee and fast food? The boys also recap Ian’s birthday bash, road-trippin’ to Indy, True Dungeon, Firefly and sasquatch. Find the Episode Here!

Episode 37 is Now Available!

Friend of the show and all-around good guy Greg Ivany steps up to fill in for a wandering Dave this time out. Greg brings his expertise in Malifaux into Thunderdome for a breakdown of the popular minis game. The guys also discuss The Wolverine, the Legendary card game, Dungeons and Dragons, bathing in butter and what happens when a were-rat tries an impromptu appendectomy on a dwarf.   Find The Episode Here!