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Episode 68: The Rewatchables

The Nerdherders take you through their top movies they’d pick to watch over and over if they were trapped with no other entertainment options. The guys also talk about Dungeons and Dragons, Civilization, Blood Bowl, Dragon Age Inquisition, Galaxy Trucker, Marvel and DC Comics reboots, Neil Gaiman and we also welcome back Book Buddies! Check out this episode!

Episode 67: Imperial Assault on the Senses

Imperial troops have entered the base! This time out the Nerdherders review Fantasy Flight Games’ newest Star Wars offering, Imperial Assault. They also discuss Lords of Xidit, Dungeons and Dragons, comic books, Christmas goodies and more! Check out this episode!

Episode 66: The Nerdherders 2014 Year End Extravaganza

Execute episode 66! The Nerdherders take you through their favorite things from the past year in comics, games, movies, books and TV with all the usual siliness. Check out this episode!

Episode 65: Insert Clever Title Here is Now Available!

This time the Nerdherders discuss their favorite books, comic books and TV shows that they would like to see made into a movie! They also talk about D&D, Lords of Xidit, Runewars, Dice Masters, Castlevania, X-Com, Battle of 5 Armies, Dragon Age Inquisition, Deadpool and TV shows! Phew!   Check out the Episode! or Download the episode here!

Episode 64: Battle of (nit)wits

It’s a Nerdherders trivia battle! To celebrate 75 years of Marvel Comics and also Batman, Ian takes the other guys through a trivia gauntlet. Is Dave’s new love of comics enough to overcome Matt’s long-time comic book reading or Andy’s high-level comic consumption? They boys also discuss Dungeons and Dragons, video games, board games and how to fight Godzilla on his own turf. Check out this episode! or Download the episode here!

Episode 63: Plan Z with Pat from Mantic Games

This episode the boys are joined by Pat Lewis, community manager for Mantic Games. Pat catches everyone up on what’s new with Deadzone, Dreadball and all the other cool Mantic products. Then Pat joins the guys to discuss their zombie apocalypse survival plan. The guys also discuss Extra Life, Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition, Magneto, Ready Player One, Destiny and Mistborn. Check out this episode! or Download the episode here!

Episode 62: The Evolution Will Not Be Televised

This time out the guys discuss the evolution of a gaming group and how to deal with it. They also discuss the new TV season and shows such as The Flash, Arrow and Gotham, the video game Destiny, Dungeons and Dragons, Extra Life, Warhammer 40k, comic books and the movie How to Train Your Dragon 2.  Also, Dave may have had some drinks. Download the episode here!

Episode 61: We Got Game(s)

In this episode the guys throw Andy to the wolves and make him host. The boys talk about some of their favorite board games along with all your usual updates. Will Andy survive hosting? Will he give the other hosts a chance to talk; will he even let them introduce themselves? And just what did Dave buy this time? Tune in to find out! Download the episode here!  

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition and old Andy

In this episode the Nerds discuss Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition and welcome old Andy as the 4th host. The guys discuss what they like about the newest edition of D&D and talk about thier first play through.  Check out this episode!

The Nerdherders Gencon 2014 Spectacular!

Gencon! Hear about all the fun and excitement the best weekend in gaming has to offer, as well as interviews with Fantasy Grounds, Eclipse game Labs, Oomba, a demo of Golem Arcana, and more. What was Matt’s favorite game of the con? Who exactly is Big Ron? And why did Dave make a 12 year old cry? Find all your answers, as well as the normal shenanigans, in this episode. Head over to for a complete listing of all the awesome stuff the boys saw at while at the show. Get it here!