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The Mirror Reveals More Than Beauty in “STAR BRIGHT” – New storybook from Jonathan Luna in November

  STAR BRIGHT AND THE LOOKING GLASS is Jonathan Luna‘s first solo creator-owned work after wrapping up…

Episode 8 is live!

In Episode 8 we take you “Beyond Monopoly” and into the wider world of board…

Draw on a messenger bag project!

I’m reaching out to any artists out there who are interested in helping make some…

My failure and the Fantasy Flight Games event center!

So, here I sit in Eden Prairie Minnesota…24 minutes from Fantasy Flight Games amazing game…

David Farr

Dave started geeking with Dungeon (later called Zork) in the early eighties on his Dad’s computer. He played a little AD&D but never had friends very into it and he gobbled up sci-fi books, but that was about the extent of it. It was one fateful day in 1998 when Joel Carlson brought a 40k starter box home that it really began. Dave had never seen a miniature game and painted a Space Marine captain on the coffee table (no primer!) that day.

He played a little, loved the concept but he was busy and wrapping up school. When he graduated in 1999 and he moved home, Joel recommended he stop by DakkaDakka. Well, there are stories to be told, but several thousand dollars later, every mini game, board game, video game, and more tried, perused, and enjoyed, Dave is a proud nerd. Happy to share his point of view on this lifestyle with others.

Dave works as a business development specialist for a large technology vendor. His loving and beautiful wife, Shannon, wishes he wouldn’t spend so much on geeky stuff. His 5 year old daughter pulls him out of comic stores (You’re taking forever!!!!) and his nine month old son is ready to learn the ways.

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