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Episode 83 Kickstart Me Up

Tweet What have the guys backed on Kickstarter in 2015? That’s the topic for Thunderdome this time out as the boys discuss what they backed, what they received and what they’re looking forward to. They also talk Star Wars Battlefront, Extra Life, Tiny Epic Galaxies, Dungeons & Dragons, Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, poker and Fallout 4 Check out this episode!

Episode 82: What is best in life?

Tweet The Nerdherders do a full review of the Age of Conan board game! Also, Book Buddies returns and it’s not pretty. The guys also talk about the usual stuff like comic books, Dungeons & Dragons, video games and preparing for Extra Life. Check out this episode!

Episode 81: The Music Men

Tweet The boys are back in town! This time out they take a look at their favorite movie soundtracks. Will their favorite be a from a heart racing thriller, a sweeping space opera or just some random music Dave bought one time years ago? Listen to find out. There’s also the new and improved Roll Call and On the Radar will all the fun you love. Check out this episode!

Episode 80: On the Warpath

Tweet Mantic Games has a Kickstarter running for its large-scale sci-fi game Warpath and Mantic community manager and friend of the show Pat Lewis joins the guys to discuss that as well as Kings of War and the highly anticipated Dungeon Saga! The boys also talk Dungeons & Dragons, Ashes, Blood Rage, comic books and more and Ian recounts his adventures at DragonCon! And Book Buddies is back! Check out this episode!

Episode 79: Director Wars

Tweet This episode sees the Nerdherders throwing 16 film directors into the Thunderdome to see which one is mightiest! The boys also chat about Dungeons & Dragons, comic books and moonshine. So much moonshine. This episodes disclaimer and bonus content contain explicit language. Check out this episode!

Episode 78: Nerdherders GenCon 2015 recap!

Tweet The Nerdherders hit the road for GenCon (leaving Andy behind). The boys discuss new stuff like Dungeon Saga, Ashes, Vs., Warhammer Quest card game, Imperial Assault Hoth, Nefarious and Rattle Battle! They also talk about Champions of Midgard, Redshirts, The Gamers, Ant-Man, Minions, Straight Outta Compton and Reaper Bones! Check out this episode!

Episode 77: The Nerdherders Forbidden (Stars) Retreat!

Tweet It’s the first ever in-the-flesh episode! Nope, not recorded at a nudist colony, but recorded with the boys all in the same room! The Nerdherders enjoy a weekend retreat in Maine and they review Forbidden Stars in one of the most free-form and rambling episodes ever! They also preview GenCon and talk about comics, Ant-Man, Dreadball, Dungeons and Dragons and more! Check out this episode!

Episode 76: Farr gone

Tweet It’s a Dave-less episode of Nerdherders, but fear not! Mantic Games community manager Pat Lewis joins Matt, Ian and Andy to talk about all the cool new stuff from Mantic like Kings of War version 2, Dreadball and Dungeon Saga! In Thunderdome, the guys talk about the perfect hobby room/man cave. They also discuss Star Wars: Darth Vader, Marvel Comics Battleworld, Inside Out and Games Workshop’s new Warhammer 40k board game Forbidden Stars. Check out this episode!

Episode 75: Skirmish-mash

Tweet The Nerdherders dig into what makes a good skirmish level miniatures game. Great terrain? Great fluff? Great rules? Great minis? They also talk Secret Wars, Battleworld, Star Wars Darth Vader and about 35 other comic books that Andy is reading. They also touch on Witcher 3, Imperial Assault and Ant-Man. Please not this episodes bonus clip may not be suitible for younger audiences! Check out this episode!

Episode 74: Merry Marvel Mayem

Tweet The Nerdherders celebrate 75 years of Marvel Comics by talking about their favorites from the Marvel universe. They also talk bubble hockey, Xia, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Istanbul, Star Wars Imperial Assault, Carcassone, Dreadball, The Duke, Mad Max Fury Road and Book Buddies returns to discuss American Gods by Neil Gaiman! Check out this episode!

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