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Episode 53: The Menace Strikes Back! Is Now Available!

TweetIt’s been 15 years since Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace hit theaters. Has time been kind to it or does it deserve the hatred so many geeks heap upon it? The Nerdherders take a look back and weigh in. They also have an exclusive interview about the Mythic Mania Pathfinder Kickstarter. And of course the usual chatter about Captain America, Titanfall, Numenera, Adepticon, Runewars, Locke and Key and tacos. Check it out!

Episode 52: Brit Hits Is Now Available!

TweetThe Nerdherders are joined by Rusti Gregory from Crossover Miniatures to talk about their favorite movies and TV shows from Britain. The boys also dive into Stranger in a Strange Land, discuss superheroes in both roleplaying and comic book action and the glory that is Titanfall. You can get the Episode by following this link: Check it out!

Episode 51 is Now Available!

TweetTeras Cassidy of Geek Nation Tours returns to join Matt, Dave and Ian in a discussion of their favorite historical movies. Will Caveman starring Ringo Starr make the cut? The guys also discuss more Malifaux action, comic books, the 300 sequel and gearing up for Adepticon! You can get the Episode by following this link: Check it out!

Episode 50 is Now Available!

TweetIt’s an interactive episode! Fire up your computer, laptop, smart phone or cerebral implant chip and head to so you can see what miniatures the Nerdherders have deemed their favorites. Monsters, wizards and warriors, the boys have their favorites. They also discuss the Accursed RPG session as well as comic books and movies as usual. You can get the Episode and see all of the models by following this link: Check it out!

Episode 49: The Wrath of Con is Now Available!

TweetIt’s your how-to guide for surviving a convention! The nerds give you their expert advice on conventions, break down the new Robocop movie, dig into Brave New World in Classics Corner (or is it ClaBook Buddies?) and also talk TempleCon as well as the usual silliness. <a href=””>Check it out!</a>

Episode 48: Don’t Touch That Dial! is Now available!

TweetThe boys go outside the geek realm (while staying firmly in the world of pop culture) to take a look at their favorite TV comedies. They also discuss flying starships in Artemis, Sails of Glory, Ravenloft and that also start something new that you can join in: Nerdherders Book Buddies! Read Brave New World with the Nerdherders and listen to them review this classic in the next episode. A list of all shows discussed can be found on the Episodes page. Check it out!

Get Readin’

TweetCalling all bookworms and wannabe bookworms! Introducing Nerdherders Book Buddies! We recorded Episode 48 this week (releasing next week) and we decided to read BRAVE NEW WORLD by Aldous Huxley. We want you to read it (or re-read it) in time for Episode 49 next month. We will review it then and we want your comments and questions! Hit us up here or Twitter (@nerdherdersshow) or email us at to participate!

Episode 39: Let’s Get This Party Started is Now Available!

TweetThe guys are joined by Teras Cassidy of Geek Nation Tours! They build the ultimate adventuring party using characters from books, movies, games and more. There is also the usual discussion ranging from Dungeons and Dragons to Ian’s trip to DragonCon to movies to Captain America turning into a werewolf. You can find the episode on our Episode page

Episode 33: Why So Villainous? Now Available!

TweetEveryone loves a great bad guy! In this episode the Nerdherders take you through their top 10 comic book villains of all time. The guys also talk Star Trek Into Darkness, lament about LEGO, discuss the announcement of Xbox One and as usual, Dave comes up with something in Thunderdome that makes Matt and Ian scratch their heads. You Can Find The Episode Here!

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